I’m as comfortable saying I read 13 books in January as I am saying I read 3 books in 2011 (that’s just an estimate of 2011).

I’m comfortable with my evolving style and getting in front of the camera.


As long as my pants fit, I’m comfortable now as I was 15 pounds and a year ago.

I’m 34 and comfortable browsing the young adult book section (and saying it’s probably my favorite section right now).

I’m comfortable going to the coffee shop or movie or shopping alone.

I’m comfortable taking all four kids out by myself to the grocery store or a movie (though I still don’t enjoy it much).

I’m not at all comfortable taking all four kids to a crowded, wide open place like Legoland or the zoo alone.

I’m not so comfortable with my daughter preferring to sit with her friends the one day we go to eat lunch with her.

I’m not totally comfortable sending my youngest to preschool later this year.

Or celebrating my oldest’s tenth birthday in October.

I’m still not comfortable in “party” situations or reaching out to people that could become friends.

In other words…I’ve gotten older and slightly more confident, but I still don’t want to make new friends or let my children grow up.