The weather has been really cold this week, but the sunsets and sunrises have been amazing and full of vibrant colors (maybe that’s the consolation prize for how miserable it is to be outside?).

I always see the best skies when I’m driving though, and by the time I get home to my camera, it’s either too late or the scenery just isn’t as nice from my yard.

But I wanted to try to capture this particular sunset, before it disappeared entirely, so I walked towards my parents’ house (there’s just one house between our two) to see if I’d get a better view from their backyard.

I ended up taking a few pictures of this truck AND the sunset.

The truck is parked way in the back of their yard. It was my oldest brother’s project-to-be, and when he died, it was given to my dad. Someday maybe he’ll get it running. Maybe not.

For now, it’s sort of a reminder of the past, literally, and always what the future could have been.

colorful 2 iso3200 f4.0 1-125

colorful iso3200 f4.0 1-125

colorful 3iso3200 f4.0 1-125


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