Today’s my husband’s birthday! He’s so old! Happy birthday, babe!!

Wait, seriously, only seven weeks left. IN THE YEAR?? Gosh…I wonder if I’ll do this for the third (fourth?) year in a row.

Nov. 2

Ivy begged and begged to get an easel, and grandma obliged.

nov 2

Nov. 3

Erv and I had a very quiet day, and I got some reading snuggle time with Louise. It was glorious.

Nov 3

Nov. 4

I did my “stripes self-portraits.”

nov 4

Nov. 5

I had a book club meeting at our library (we read “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”…I highly recommend it!). It was at 6:30 pm, and it was so, so dark already. I took this picture of the moon on the way home. Why does it seem SO much darker (and creepier) when it gets dark so early after DST?

nov 5

Nov. 6

Got my hair and nails done, and had sushi for lunch. Yes, I did.

nov 6 2

Nov. 7

I helped in the kindergarten class, but didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy helping the kids make “upside down pumpkin pie” snacks (half a can of pumpkin puree mixed with half a packet of vanilla pudding mix, then topped with crumbled graham crackers…or crumbled gluten free sugar cookies if you’re my daughter).

T had the day off work, so he, Erv and I went to town for lunch and to fix a tire on the car (and spend a whole mess of time at Wal-Mart). Erv wouldn’t let me take his picture, though. So I took one with Ivy after supper. O_o

nov 7

Nov. 8

Sad puppy, waiting for her human children to finish eating so she can get out of her bed.

nov 8