Gluten free folks! Don’t forget that I’m giving away FIVE boxes of gluten free corn dogs! Go, Enter!

My husband’s birthday was last weekend, and he’s a guy that knows what he likes. Since he was little, he got cheesecake from a box. But forget the crust that came with it…he wanted a premade graham cracker crust.

It’s easy, and it was his birthday, so that’s what we got to make for dessert. We got an extra box for the girls and I, with the plan to make our own crust so it’d be gluten free and we could have some too.

But, I had an idea to use a bag of gluten free shortbread cookies instead of graham crackers because A) they’re cheaper B) we’ve had two packages for several months and no plans to use them up and C) almost every store that has any gluten free selection carries some brand of shortbread cookies.

I took pictures in case it worked out and I could share. It did! It was good! So here’s the recipe in case you need a super easy gluten free crust for cheesecake, pumpkin pie or ice cream cake, or mix it up and use chocolate cookies with the same method.

The cookies give it great flavor and awesome crunchiness.

gluten free shortbread cookie crust

Easy Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie Crust


One package of gluten free shortbread cookies (I used Schar, and took four cookies out of the box to give to my kids…so about 4-5 ounces)

5 tablespoons melted butter

1 tablespoon brown sugar


Empty the cookies into a gallon size freezer/storage bag, seal, and take your aggressions out on them. Crush them with a rolling pin until they’re mostly crumbs and you feel better. Empty into pie dish and stir in brown sugar and butter. Using a large spoon or bottom of a cup, flatten the mixture around the dish and up the sides to form the crust. Pour pie filling on top, smooth out, and refrigerate  or bake according to pie filling directions.


Gluten free shortbread cookie crust_