We only have ten weeks left in the year. Whaaaaat.

Oct. 12

This was my Sunday, basically. We both enjoyed it.

oct 12

Oct. 13

It was cold and rainy, so I baked. (This week is started out pretty exciting, eh?)

oct 13

Oct. 14

Henry turned nine. I….had a bit of a hard time with it.

henry birthday

oct 14

Oct. 15

Essie stayed home with a fever, but she never lost her sense of humor (for long, anyway).oct 15

And it was Nana’s birthday, so we sent wishes from afar (via Facebook, of course).

oct 15 2

Oct. 16

Our neighbor across the street grows and sells pumpkins every year, and is super kind and supplies our pumpkin needs. The kids got a couple of big ones and a bunch of teeny tiny ones.

oct 16

Oct. 17

Ervin has been, well….super DUPER three lately. Like, difficult. We got Battleship to play, but he won’t really let us play because he wants steal the ships. Dear Lord, please let him grow out of this. Soon.

oct 17

Oct. 18

The big three and I ran some errands and spent some birthday money Saturday. While we were eating lunch (at 3:00 pm…everyone was out doing stuff that day….it all took forever), the kids had a whole lot of food leftover. So, I asked for boxes, and then Ivy said she had to go to the bathroom right after we paid. Bathroom, right NOW. So we went, with the unboxed food on the table. When we got back several minutes later, the empty boxes were there, and the food was gone. I was irrationally upset. I couldn’t leave my purse or any children at the table, I didn’t have time to box the food before Ivy left to go to the bathroom. The waitress felt terrible and brought us new fries, but there was almost an entire GF pizza and a cheeseburger left over. Gone. Not cheap. I could’ve waited for new food, but it took, like, an hour for us to get it in the first place and after several hours in a busy town running around with them, I was done. You know? And I don’t do confrontation well. So.

oct 18

How was your week??