I’ve been really busy and worn out lately, and haven’t had much time or energy to write here. But, Elaine has some Old School Blogging questions that looked super easy and wouldn’t take much (highly sought after) brain space, so here goes:

A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Sit down restaurant

Choices are limited these days, what with the whole gluten free thing. And really, any place where I can sit down and enjoy a meal I didn’t cook is A-OK with me. But if I have to choose, I’ve really been digging Carlos O’Kelly’s lately…they have GF chips and salsa, and adult beverages, and a pretty big GF menu. For the same reasons, I’m all about Cheeseburger in Paradise. (Their fries, you guys.)


Mmmm….hubs makes some amazing GF pumpkin chocolate chip cookies when he’s in a baking mood (it happens quite a bit, actually)

Bath product scent

I’m really trying to get away from chemical-y personal care products, but I love real lavender oil right now. 

T.V. shows

Parenthood. Project Runway. Downton Abbey. THE VOICE (it’s Ivy and my show of choice lately). Those are my top four, and there aren’t many more I’m making an effort to watch, because I’ve been on a reading kick since this summer.


I enjoy anything I can’t kill (also in limited supply)….my ivy plant in the flower garden (I just had to un-capitalize “ivy”, by the way), gardenia flowers, hibiscus, and my all time favorite, peonies.

Bad-for-me snack

I love me some chips and dip. I don’t have it enough, but I could eat a whole bag and jar if I let myself. Also, brownies. And pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And do Starbucks coffees count?



I don’t have time for magazines anymore, but I used to get several subscriptions. Those were the days! Now, the only one I get is Glamour and I rarely even open it. Sigh.

Hobby (besides blogging)

I read and watch TV. A lot. I like to sew but I don’t do it often. I used to run. A lot. I take pictures. And erm…selfies?

aug 31 2


My birthday. And Christmas…sort of. I don’t like the logistics of Christmas scheduling, but I do like having several days/weeks of the whole family being home together.

Girls Night Out activity

Anything, really. Usually sitting somewhere with food and drinks. Or coffee. That’s the best (and pretty much all I do).

Oh, but SOMETIMES? Sometimes, there’s JT.


Date night

I love dinner and a movie. Once in a blue moon, there’s bowling or mini golf. Oh, and errand running. (I had to go back to VALENTINE’S DAY for this picture, ya’ll)


So tell me…what are some of YOUR favorite things?