As far as weeks go, this one was pretty slow.

Sept. 21

I hadn’t run in, like, two months or some nonsense. So I ran. And I haven’t run since. Sigh. It felt good, though.

sept 21

Sept. 22

Vet appointment with two dogs and one toddler. It was a riot.

sept 22

Sept. 23

Ivy and I went to see Demi Lovato. It was a lot of fun. This time, though, she fell asleep for a little while at the end.

sept 23 2sept 23

Because it was a school night, well into the school year, she had to do homework while we had dinner.

sept 23 3

Sept. 24

Erv and I had to run around, and he got a donut from the gas station. And it made my heart break, since donuts were one of my very favorite foods before we went gluten free. Sure, we can order them, but they’re not the same (and more expensive). (The boys aren’t gluten free except at home, where we almost never have gluten in the house)

sept 24

Sept. 25

With my favorite 3 month old (really, she and I are likethis).

puppy love 3

Sept. 26

It was Johnny Appleseed day at school.

sept 26 2

And speaking of gluten free, I made my first loaf of semi-homemade sandwich bread from Pamela’s bread mix (affiliate link, yo). It was really good, so there were a lot of peanut butter and jellies enjoyed this week.

sept 26

Sept. 27

Out in the country, we see all kinds of creatures on our window screens. Usually moths, but sometimes, somebody more interesting comes along.

sept 27

How was your week?