I use the prompt “lemon” loosely this week. Big surprise, eh?

There was an amazing moon this week (was it a super moon? People on Facebook seem to think so). And the moon, for me, was really difficult to capture. I don’t have a zoom lens, so the pictures look so much farther away then I saw in person. So, uh…lemon in the sky? We’re going with that.

I took this one first, just after the kids had gone to bed and it was dusk. I was standing in the middle of my garden, looking through the trees to try to frame it in a pretty way.moon

This one was the following night, when the moon was full and bright and beautiful. This was the one picture that I got that was pretty clear but also didn’t have a weird blue spot next to it like the rest.

lemon iso3200 35mm 1.8 1-30sec

These were taken Saturday. When you’re handed lemons, you make lemonade, right? Well, just like their parents, the kids got bad eyesight. Not horrible (yet) but bad enough that the eye doctor prescribed lenses. And actually, Essie needs them too but he said she could wait unless she’s struggling in school.

These pictures were also kind of difficult for me, because hello bright, fluorescent lights!

Ivy was so excited to get hers that she begged to go Friday night after they called to tell me they were ready (and I had had a kindergarten teacher gluten free pow wow AND gone grocery shopping). Um, no. But we went Saturday morning!

new glasses 3new glasses 4new glasses 2

new glasses

Oh, and non-lemon related bonus. While I was taking that first moon picture, I got some cute puppy action shots. This is, by far, my favorite.

action 3

Through The Lens Thursday is meant for self-improvement, so please….constructive criticism is welcome!

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