Project 365: Week 23

It’s June! Already!

June 1

Batman marathon on BBC. All. Day. Long.


June 2

First day of bible school! All four kids were old enough to go (yay!), so I had three whole hours to myself every morning this week.

bible school

Swimming. Erv wasn’t too thrilled, so basically I carried him around for a long time.


June 3

Low key day…lots of battles on my legs.


June 4

We took over the orthodontist’s office for Henry’s consultation on Wednesday.


June 5

My favorite little Sherlock.


June 6

Last day of bible school picnic!


My grandma has generations-old iris plants, and she had given us all of the plants we have in our garden now. But I mentioned that they were all purple, so she dug up several different colors out of her own garden, and thankfully, Ivy helped me plant them (all 20 or so stalks).


June 7

The kids beg and beg to swim in our backyard pool every day, but it wasn’t anywhere near warm enough to swim on Saturday. So they jumped on the trampoline while I read The Invention Of Wings (the June pick for the #momsreading book club.


13 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 23

    • There was some sun! Lots of rain though, too. So thankfully, bible school and the library helped to avoid cabin fever. 🙂

    • You guys would love a trampoline! You and the boys. Does he think they're dangerous? We've always had a net, and no one has ever gotten hurt more than a little scrape. And that's in at least three years. And yeah, we have just a quick set-up pool. It's a lifesaver sometimes! (Especially when T is home to take them swimming).

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