May 25

Toddlers have style, yo. And big imaginations.

toddler style

May 26

On Memorial Day morning, my mom and I got up and did a 5K.

home run 5k

May 27

The big two went to a two-night camp! It was Henry’s second year and Ivy’s first.


And because the big three share a room (by choice and also because of space issues), Essie has a hard time sleeping alone. So, slumber party in her bed.

slumber party

May 28

We enjoyed the sunshine. The little two, Skeeter, and I.

skeeter outside

May 29

The campers came home!

home2 iso 200 35mm f3.2 1-1000

May 30

LEGO day at the library.


May 31

Ivy and I (plus my mom, SILs, nieces and nephews) did the Color Run! I ran with my two nephews, and she ran with her cousin and grandma. It was a lot of fun for all of us.

Before (the sun was bright, obviously):

color run 1


color run 2