Do you remember the song Babylon by David Gray? Are you singing it in your head now? Can you hear that smooth voice of his? Yeah, I could listen to that voice all day.

Lucky for me, he has a brand new album out now called Mutineers (released today, June 17). It’s the kind of music that just takes you away. Not too abrupt or intense, not so mellow that you zone out completely. Just the perfect blend of low-key guitar, piano and voice that allows you to get lost in it with a beat that keeps you tapping your feet.

But the album is a mixture of toe-tapping head nodding and swaying and….sigh. “Birds of the High Arctic” is a gorgeously stunning song, the kind that makes you get a little emotional but yearning for more.

David Gray has so much stinking singing/songwriting talent, it’s really no wonder this is his TENTH studio album.

Watch the video for the lead track, “Back in the World” (one of my favorites on the album):

And get your own copy of Mutineers by David Gray on iTunes and Amazon.

I received a copy of the album from One2One Network to review. All opinions are 100% my own (of course).