Yeah, so I’m behind again. Let me just dust the cobwebs off the ol’ blog and catch up.

April 27

We did the Warrior Dash for the hat. Obviously.


April 28

Apparently, the only picture I took on this day was of my teeth for the giveaway. I’m not going to share it here because, well….I’m not in love with my teeth. But you should go enter. Hurry, it’s the last day!

April 29

On my exercise ball. She’s never not on it…she probably has abs of steel by now.

ivy ball

This is the face of solo-parenting-for-almost-a-month exhaustion. Don’t let the smile fool you…it’s the smile of delirium with crazy eyes.


April 30

When your daughter wants to wear a tiara headband to school and you’re too tired to fight about it, well, it’s a special day.


And when the four year old is barely fazed by her kindergarten shots….well, she’s a rock star.


May 1

May Day!

He fell asleep. I couldn’t. Do we see a trend here?


May 2

I don’t even know what this picture was. Probably, like….hey, I haven’t taken a picture today because solo parenting for almost a month.


May 3

My husband came home! And I left. SEE YA.

solo day