This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.

I have always hated flossing. ALWAYS.

I have the trifecta of bad flossing situation:

1. Small mouth

2. Crowded teeth

3. Gag reflex

It’s hard for me to floss, truly. Though the gag reflex has gotten better over the years, my teeth have not magically straightened themselves out, and my mouth hasn’t taken yoga for flexibility.

I do floss sometimes, though. Namely, for a few days after I go to the dentist, and he says I’m “on the verge” of a cavity, and he knows that if I don’t floss between those way back teeth regularly, the next time he sees me, there will be drilling to do. So, for about a week, maybe two, I floss religiously. And I wait for it to become more of a habit, less torture. But it never does, so I start flossing less religiously….every two days, then every three, then once a week, then when I have something stuck in there that I can’t get out with my tongue and toothbrush.

I so wish I was one of those people that just HAS to floss everyday. I really do….my dental life would be so much easier. But I’m not and never will be. So, when I got the chance to try out the Waterpik Aquarius Professional Waterflosser, I was ecstatic. I’m not even exaggerating.

You’ve probably seen a sign for the Waterpik flossers in your dentist’s office. I know I have…sitting in the window that I stare at while I wait in The Chair. I’ve always been intrigued, but as a floss-hater, I haven’t been inclined to actually bite the proverbial bullet and get one.

Before I tried it, though, I stuffed my face with popcorn for lunch. You know, really give it a good test. Also, I really like popcorn.

It took a couple of minutes for me to get the hang of it, and figure out how to do it really effectively, but by the time I was done, I had that lick your teeth a lot because they feel so darn clean feeling that you get walking out of the dentist’s office. Even after running and not showering (yet), I was sweaty, but my teeth? They were sparkling.

Trying out the new Waterpik Professional Waterflosser

It came with seven different tips: three regular ones (which you replace every six months or so), plus four specialized tips. One of them is even a toothbrush tip, which you can use with or without toothpaste. And, you can switch it from “floss” to “massage” which gives your gums and mouth an especially clean feeling.

Trying out the new Waterpik Professional Waterflosser

It’s actually really cool, like bringing the hose sprayer thing from the dentist home, but without the suction. And I bet that my dentist is going to be pleased when he sees me in a couple of weeks.

What about you, are you a flosser or a wanna-be (like me)?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.

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