Yeah, so it’s been spring break and I’ve been a touch burned out/busy/overwhelmed, so I didn’t really feel like doing this last weekend. But, of course, now I have twice as much to share. Woo!

March 9

What’s this? A quiet evening AND the kids getting along? Unheard of.


March 10

Little thug. Watch out for this one.


March 11

The sun comes out, and all of the sudden, nobody thinks they need jackets anymore.


March 12

Another universal truth: sit down and the kids will flock to you.


March 13

Erv wanted to watch “Goosebusters” while he ate breakfast.


March 14

Friday, the kids didn’t have school, and we did some #superheroing.

justice league 5

Later in the evening, we all went to the track since it was a little warmer.


March 15

I took the big three to see Mr. Peabody as sort of a Spring Break kick-off.


March 16

Date night! And uh….I didn’t seem to take any pictures. Whoops. But, here’s a text message that hubs sent me (from across the room) that morning.


March 17

Zoo day! It was kind of cold, but we had a good time.

zoo day

March 18

Finally! Frozen came in the mail. And we watched it three times. That day. There was also a super fun time with our friends at the bounce house place, but everyone was either too busy running or chatting to get any pictures. (Thanks, Laura!)


March 19

Another pretty nice (but chilly) day, and low key. We mostly hung out, but then needed some photos for Through The Lens Thursday.

door 3-4

March 20

On Thursday I took the kids out to lunch and Cabela’s and on some errands, and we all survived! (I love all of their faces in this one):


March 21

Friday nights are always later than normal (of course), and usually Erv is up as late or later that all of us. But, this week he fell asleep sitting next to me in the chair.

erv asleep

March 22

My husband is really good about making carb-filled meals that I request on the weekends, after I do a long run and can eat whatever I want (or you know, that’s what I tell myself). This time, he and Erv made gluten free bierocks. (I was going to link to the recipe, but I’m not sure which one he uses) UPDATE: he sent me the recipe.

erv kitchen