Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year. See the bottom of the post for ways to join in!

I was so excited that the prompt for this week was “movement” while I was in Disney World. Could that not be more perfect, with all of the people, attractions, and sights to see?

I took it a couple of different ways. First, I wanted to slow the shutter speed way, way down to blur the movement. I propped my camera on a trash can to focus on Stitch, slowed the shutter speed to 1 second and tried to literally show the movement of all the people below. (Huge thanks to Laura for showing me how to do this.)

movement ISO 100 f-10 1.0sec

Then I wanted to stop the movement and capture it in a crisp image. I took this while we were waiting in line for a ride in Magic Kingdom.

movement2 ISO 200 f-2.8 1-4000sec

And lastly, this one. Laura actually took it (and I edited a little), and she wanted the castle to be more clear in the background, but in terms of movement, I love the way I’m in focus and the people behind me are all walking and blurred a little.

movement3 ISO 800 f-3.5 1-4000sec

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Next week’s prompt is WHITE.