Through The Lens Thursday: Corner

Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I are doing this year.

The windchill on the first (scheduled) day back to school Monday was somewhere around –20 degrees. So, the kids had a day off from school….on the “first day back.”

Thankfully, we had a lot to do as I prepare to leave for four days, including the removal of Christmas from the house (especially the tree tucked into the corner). While I packed lunches for the next six school days, they removed the ornaments that they could reach. Only a couple were broken (the ornaments, not the children).

tree 1600 2.8 1-50

Meanwhile, Erv played upstairs in his room while he could get away with it. When he came back down, he had a stinky diaper (of course), so I changed him. Because of the cold, dry air, funny things happen to hair when you’re in the nooks and crannies (and corners) of the couch.

erv couch 1600 2.8 1-60

Again, I’d love some constructive criticism on these. They’re both taken by the huge, sunny window…I used an ISO of 1600, and I have a feeling I could’ve dialed it down? Especially on Erv’s picture.

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Next week’s prompt is MOVEMENT.

6 thoughts on “Through The Lens Thursday: Corner

  1. I do love the moments that you captured!
    ISO 1600 is a little high, especially when you have natural light. Play with dialing it down, adjusting your aperture and see what happens! (don't dial down shutter speed when taking photos of the kids though – all that movement!)

  2. Great pics. Love the hair… I'm obviously no expert but I usually use either ISO 200 or 400 in daylight, even inside. I usually only go up to 1600 when it starts getting dark. I love that my camera has little pictures next to each ISO setting to give you an idea when and in what conditions to use it! Huge help!!! 🙂

  3. So funny. My son thinks the photo of Erv is him. I can't convince him otherwise!
    Anywho, yes, a bit on the bright side. But hey, I'm still learning too! Great pics though. We took down our decorations last weekend so I can concentrate on homeschooling – instead of keeping the toddler off the ornaments!

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