Project 365: Week 1

So, we officially ended 2013 and began 2014! I started (with Alison of Writing, Wishing) a photography self-improvement project, and if you’d like to join in a work on your skills with us, we have a flickr group! It’s very casual, just a place to post photos based on the Through The Lens Thursday prompts and give/get feedback. Of course, #iPPP will be back this Tuesday night!

Dec. 29

We drove to my in-laws late Saturday evening, so on Sunday morning, we opened Christmas presents there, and then spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing with new toys, and eating.

grandpa legoshenry wiiivy furbypajamaserv trains 3

Dec. 30

Monday, we went out to eat and headed to Target for some Christmas money spending. When we got home, I changed clothes and went for my last run of 2013.


Dec. 31

New Year’s Eve! We were still at my in-laws house, and there’s not a lot to do there. So, we went out to dinner (in a restaurant with a train dining car), I drank a sangria as big as my head, and then we went to see Saving Mr. Banks. Back to their house by 9:30….we’re living large! But, I did get dressed up and the red lipstick out.

close up 4


Jan. 1

Our very last Christmas celebration! It started snowing on the way home, so the trip was a little stressful (for me, anyway, and I wasn’t driving).

erv grandma

snowy stop

Jan. 2

We went to the mall so I could get my wedding ring (long story) and get hubs some new glasses. It was so much fun to hang out with the four kids right outside of the eyeglass place, and right across from a bounce-house play place that they couldn’t go into! SO. MUCH. FUN. But we did it, and we survived, and we finished what we needed to finish.


Jan. 3

After finally getting home and staying there, I hardly took any pictures. But I finally took this one at about 7:30 pm, when Erv, who hadn’t taken a nap, fell asleep on the couch playing a game.

erv asleep

Jan. 4

A sweet (and very rare) moment happened after our dog, Grim, had put up with crazy, cooped-up kids all day long (they make him nervous). When the big three went to bed (Erv had taken a nap, so he was still AWAKE), Grim snuggled with hubs and Erv on the couch. (He normally only lies with me or hubs, never the kids).

grim erv

18 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 1

  1. What a great picture story! Through the Lens Thursday sounds great. I wish you well on your run at Disney! I have a friend who is walking it. She's been training forever. Happy New Year, Greta!

  2. Love you with the red lipstick!!! Hope to see it in person this weekend – so far it looks like I'm definitely coming up to Orlando on Saturday!!! Getting really excited here – to meet you and to hang with you and Nicolette!!! Girl time. 🙂

  3. I saw the photo of you all dressed up and loved it.
    I also love the Christmas PJs!

  4. OK I love the name of your dog. It suits him, I think.

    And your pictures are great as always. The one of your kids in their stripey Christmas pjs – adorable!

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