Exactly one year ago, I published a post that had me anxious, my heart beating a little faster, just a little bit scared, and raring to go.

Back then, I was in a place of feeling sluggish and ready to be active again. And, I met all of my goals…officially running an entire 5K, doing to Warrior Dash, and running 500 miles.

You guys. I ran 500 miles AND THEN SOME. Yesterday, while out of town and staying with my in-laws, I ran my last run of 2013, ending the year at 640 miles. I’m ridiculously proud of myself for staying (fairly) consistent, staying active, and kicking that goal’s butt. I had a few weeks (mostly on vacation or visiting relatives) when I didn’t run the 10 miles a week that I planned on, and I had other weeks (mostly leading up to my first half marathon) when I ran 25+ miles a week.

But I never stopped running. I’m not fast, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am stubborn. And every comment I’ve gotten this past year about inspiring some of you to run or be active? Completely made every single step worth it. I inspired myself and inspiring others is the cherry on top. Seriously.


I was ridiculously excited to hit 500 miles in October. Ahem.


After mile 640, on December 30. Also ridiculously happy, but with less jumping.

So, now on to 2014, right?

I know a lot of people are thinking that I should go for 650 miles! Or 700! How about a thousand?!

Um….no. I hit 640, and I’m thrilled about that. But I don’t want to completely overwhelm myself or feel like I can’t do anything else. And if I surpass my goal again? AWESOME. But really, I’ll be happy to meet it.

I also need to continue with some strength training, because I tend to do a challenge, feel stronger, and then….stop.

So, without further ado, my goals for 2014:


For the first four months (through April), do 100 squats a week and 7 planks a week (increasing the time each week). In May, I’ll reevaluate and set new goals.

Go back to My Fitness Pal and start tracking my meals again.

Run three half marathons (I’m already signed up for two-the Disney World Half next week, and Rock the Parkway in April).

I hope to be back on Dec. 31, 2014 with good results again, and eager to get started on 2015!