Tomorrow, I will be thirty-three. I’m fine with it…it feels like a good number. Some don’t feel so….natural, you know? Thirty-three feels good.

So, on the eve of my thirty-third birthday, I’m going to say thirty-three things that make me happy right now. Because, why not? It’s been a rough month of too much solo parenting and not enough me-time and I can take the opportunity to think about what makes things better.

1. A gorgeously chilly day on Saturday, when my husband was actually home and watching the kids so I could run my long run outside.


2. The Voice. I get choked up every. dang. time one of the judges pushes the button. And it’s a great show to watch when I’m stuck on the treadmill.

3. Yoga on the beach. (I haven’t done it YET, but this weekend, during my first ever trip to California for Fitcation, I will. And I’m excited.)

4. Funky trainers (that happen to exactly match the shirt I picked out).


5. Brand new (this summer) windows that have been open for the better part of two or three weeks.

6. My little marching band fanatic. He literally marches around the living room for 20 minutes at a time, stopping only to blow his pretend whistle.

marching band e

7. My budding reader. She’s obsessed with “reading” books and making up her own stories to go along with the pictures.


8. The picture-taking, booty-shaking six year old.

ivy target

9. The so-close-to-eight year old that he can almost taste it.

henry zoo

10. Chex cereal (also known as inexpensive gluten free goodness).

11. My new coffee obsession: Pumpkin Pie K-cups from

12. A gorgeous birthday gift to myself from a dear online friend.


13. A shipment of gluten free granola from, including two flavors I haven’t tried yet (I never said it took much to make me happy).

14. An early birthday gift from some of the best blog-world friends a girl could ask for.


15. The promise of a lot of wine this weekend.

16. Did I already mention the perfect fall weather?

17. Parents that are close and help (a lot) to keep me sane.

18. Starting a good book and actually finding time to read it.

19. The generosity and support of others. I’ve never seen it more than during this fundraising adventure that I’m in the thick of.

20. Starting October and being THISCLOSE to reaching my 500 mile goal for the year. Last year, when I made the goal, I didn’t think it was possible. Now, I’m less than 20 miles shy of it.

21. The discovery of dark chocolate raspberry frozen yogurt at the grocery store (but not the fact that I don’t currently have any).

22. A husband that will spend a good chunk of his only weekend day home in weeks doing computer stuff for me.

23. Bedtime at the end of a long day.


24. Raising over $1100 in a week-long auction that was oh, so much work that ended up being oh, so worth it.

25. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.


26. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

27. Barely ripe bananas.

28. This sweater (I just need a place to wear it).


29. And having a best friend that bought the exact same sweater, without either of us knowing it, because it made us both happy.

30. Instagram, always.

31. Having three kids in school, for a few hours each day, at least.

extreme green

32. This experience:


33. The promise of another good year.

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