Alma writes at Alma Boheme, and she’s one of the most beautiful souls I’ve met in this crazy blogging world. She’s beautiful inside and out, and she creates beauty with her knitting. She’s the mom of two extraordinary children, the King and the Princess, and wife to the Captain (who’s extremely talented himself). She’s a native New Yorker residing in gorgeous Savannah, and has settled into the southern way of life. You’ll see what I mean when you read her words below.

Thank you so much for gracing us here, Alma!


Life Signs

Life for me was governed by the clock, work, a 2 hour a day commute, coffee and corporate attire in a big city. Doing the hustle … hustle… hustle … dance. I did not even have the time to consider that this was not the life I had planned for me. I just knew I had to hustle to get things done every day. At the end of the day I laid down in bed saying “ I don’t think I can do it anymore” and “something has to change”, but then I would forget and get up and do the hustle dance all over again.

Life has a way of intervening with a sense of humor. Losing my job was a blessing in disguise. I finally had time, time to face the demons that were eating my brain whispering things like  “loser” “failure” and tell them to take a hike. I was scared still, I was the main bread winner in the house and all of the sudden I was free? Free to feel, free to cry, free to get angry, and laugh at it all (while flippin the bird). Time to think and re-evaluate. I never thought I could feel pure joy sitting in a room and be still in silence without voices of worry in my head. Boom! I can read  a book, lose my head knitting the day away, and most importantly time with my kids. “So this is good, I’m good”, I thought “I’m goooood”.

“Life is what happens when you are making other plans” … that Lennon quote suddenly slapped me in the face. It happens quietly and subtly when you least expect it … one day while I was having dinner with my family my son made a joke and I laughed so hard I cried… no, I bawled. So hard I could not catch my breath and no sound came out. Everything came crashing down on me and when I came up for air it was all clear to me. Alma this is day one of your life, my inner voice chimed in. My kids were concerned, “what’s wrong with mommy?” “I thought she was laughing” “mom? mom? are you ok?” I looked up with tears in my eyes and said “ I am the happiest I have ever been”. The pasta got cold, while their faces of disbelief lingered and my mascara smeared… Alma woke up.

Life since then has changed, unexpectedly. I am now a stay at home mom who is still learning the ropes. Truthfully, in my lifetime this is the hardest job I have ever had. At the end of most days I can’t remember if I showered or shaved. I purposely indulge my daughter in endless crafts projects so I don’t have to play with ponies again. I pray that I make edible meals and hope they all go to bed happy. Still, its the most rewarding job I have ever had. In the midst of all this, we moved to a new state, live in a bigger place, have a backyard (yes, it deserves a mention from this city girl) and a second bathroom. The extra time in my hands gave the luxury to indulge in my obsession with my hands. This knitter made herself a studio space at home and is the owner of an online shop. Looking back I am glad to have traded the hamster wheel in the city for my porch swing in the south.

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