I know a lot of bloggers that have dreams of writing and publishing a book, and I believe they will, because I know some talented writers. I also have the pleasure of knowing a blogger that DID come out with her own children’s book, and she was gracious enough to send me a copy.

A Day To Remember by Lydia Richmond (who blogs at Cluttered Genius and tweets at @lydsrich) is about a group of girl friends that learn a hard lesson in a very unexpected way.


The story takes me back to elementary school, when I had a group of friends that did everything together, including get into our fair share of trouble and scare ourselves silly. (I don’t know why I enjoyed scaring my 5th grade self so much, but the pleasure has gradually declined). These five girls (Annie, Katie, Tara, Angela, and Beth), find themselves bored and out and about, and don’t think twice about picking grapes off of a neighbor’s vine. But they quickly learn that being disrespectful of other people’s things has its consequences.

A Day To Remember is a fun, interesting story, one that I would have loved as a 10-year-old (addicted to everything R.L. Stine and The Babysitters Club), and can enjoy with my kids now. It’s perfect for second to fifth graders who love a little bit of an unexpected, supernatural twist to their tales (are there any that don’t?).


Lydia will be hosting a Twitter party Thursday, August 8 at 9pm EST. Follow the hashtag #BFFsRemember for a fun book discussion and chance to win prizes.

You can buy your own copy at Booklockerย and Amazon.

The fantastic illustrations were done by Richard Armada.

I was given a copy of the book but did not receive any compensation, and all opinions are my own.