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As you know, if you follow me anywhere (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), I went to Dallas this past weekend for the Blissdom blogging/social media/business conference. It was my second year to attend, and my experience was similar but different. (And for the record, I’m still recovering, so bear with me).

I mentioned on Sunday that I flew down there with Erin Margolin, and it was awesome to have somebody there that I knew, so I didn’t have to try to navigate the Gaylord Texan on my own. Plus, I just love her, and it was good to have that chance to catch up.


Later that day, I met my two other roomies, Renee and Kiran. I knew them both only from the past several weeks of talking online, but we’d never met in person. Renee is a writer from New York, and is so funny and smart. Plus, she has awesome hair and style (check out those fabulous glasses!). Kiran is from the DC area. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, she is quick-witted, hysterical, but also quiet and so lovingly maternal.


Photo taken by Angela Y. on Renee’s phone (and posted by Renee)

That first day, I also met my sort of bloggy twin, Angela. She’s a fellow mom of four whom I’d connected with online in the past year since meeting her (but not really chatting with much) at Blissdom last year. This year, however, we got to hang out, get to know each other and have a lot of fun. (She probably thought I was a nerd, always texting her before events/meals, but meeting her was a definite highlight for me!).

mamas of 4

Sherry is another favorite online person of mine that I met (too briefly) last year, on the very last night. This year, we made sure to meet up and hang out a lot more this time, and I’m so grateful for that time with her (and the other wonderful people she introduced me to!).


I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I met two other favorite online people that I just ADORE (even more now that I got to spend time with them in person), Jennifer and Elaine. They are both a hoot to hang out with, so sweet, and refreshingly honest.


Of course, just like last year, there were some awesome speakers and celebrities (!!) there, just for us. Saturday’s morning keynote was an interview by Danielle Smith with Susan Cain, the author of Quiet. She talked all about introverts (the subject of her book), and that stuck with me throughout the rest of the weekend, as I tried my best to not be overwhelmed by the energy and the crowds and the go-go-go of it all.


Another huge highlight for me was the Girls’ Night Out on Friday night. I went with Angela Y., and we got to talk a lot more, over super yummy ConAgra-tini cocktails (I had a few) and a buffet. Then we got to see performances by Chris Mann, and Amber Riley of Glee (!!!!!), and as the “official” Blissdom party wound down, the party at the hotel’s club where we were was just getting started. Even though I had gotten almost no sleep the night before, I stayed to listen (and dance to) a band that every Texan there RAVED about, The Spazmatics. They were so goofy and funny, dressed as total nerds from the 80s, but they were fantastic musicians that played some of my very favorite 80s songs (Come On, Eileen and Take On Me, anyone?). It was also there that I finally got to meet another long-time Twitter friend, Sean. (Why did we not get a picture together??)


Saturday night was Girls’ Night In, which is why I’m wearing my comfy pants in the picture below. The picture with Jeremy Sisto and Ana Gasteyer, who were there to talk to us and promo their show Suburgatory. And yeah, Jeremy Sisto totally sang “Rolling with the homies’” for us. Swoon.

celebrity time

Not all of the sessions were OHMAHGAH amazing, but I did get some great takeaways. Anna Epp did a photography session on using your camera in manual (which I’ve been doing since she so generously gave me a hallway lesson on it last year), where I did learn a couple of simple, but important, tips. And the Gaylord Texan, just like the Gaylord Opryland last year, is an incredible place to practice taking photos (this one was from my Nikon).


I met and connected with a lot of people this past weekend, learned some stuff, and had a lot of fun. It was just enough for this introvert from rural Kansas to take in.

blissdom @ gaylord 0313_7DN0829

And when I got home? Well, it was somebody’s second birthday, and I may have sung “Happy Birthday” 27 times in the span of an afternoon. In between smooches, of course.

birthday kisses

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27 thoughts on “This Bliss, This Bliss #iPPP

  1. I am very jealous of this entire post! You go girl! The train pic is amazing and you look wonderful! I would love to go to an event like that one year. Bucket list…sigh

  2. I love that you had a great time, and that you met some lovely people.
    Also? Jealous that you met Elaine, Kiran, Jennifer and that you know Erin IRL. 🙂

  3. Sounds amazing. I think I would have freaked out if Jeremy Sisto sang Rollin With my Homies. I adore Clueless!

  4. I almost didn't want to click over because I would be too jealous 🙂 Looks like you made the most of your trip. You captured it perfectly.

  5. It was great to see you again, if only briefly! Thanks for letting this pregnant mama crash your table at Girls Night In 😉 First time linking up (all my photos are from my iphone) and I hope I remember to come back to link up again! Thanks for hosting 🙂

  6. I LOVE YOU, GRETA!!! I'm so glad we roomed together and am just really bummed I panicked about the snow and missed the last day & night. At least we have LTYM coming up!

  7. Greta! It was so wonderful to have a chance to meet you in person. i think you are wonderful and so very flexible. I wish i had been on the plane with you and Erin. Except that would have meant I would have had to get up at…um… 2 AM. And that would have sucked. Next time we meet up, we have to sleep together. If you know what I mean. And I know you do. 😉 Good luck at LTYM! I know you are going to kill it! Can't wait to see you on YouTube! Did that just make you nervous? Sorry! *wink*

  8. Such a fun time!! I'm so excited to read all the recaps of Blissdom. Sounds like you all had such a great time and got to meet so many lovely folks. And OMG I totally didn't put together that Jeremy Sisto was Elton! Ahh!

  9. It looks like such an amazing time! My inner Gleek was so excited that you got to see Amber Riley perform. Love all your photos. 🙂

  10. So glad you had a great time and got to meet some great bloggy friends. I've heard a lot of wonderful things about Blissdom and may just have to go one year… Sticking close to home again this year. Waiting to hear about Florida Blog Con so I can decide if I want to go there or to Niche Parent which happens to be in Ft. Lauderdale this year, right in my neck of the woods! 🙂

  11. So glad I got to meet and talk with you this weekend. I loved having dinner with you. I love getting to meet people in real life that I've only met online. It is the very best part of conferences.

  12. Oh – I got a shout out! Wooohooo! I so hate getting my picture taken, but I actually did get one with you. I'll Instagram it 🙂 So very glad I got to finally meet you in person. XO

  13. It looks like such a wonderful experience that every blogger really does have to have!
    I love that picture of you! Fantastic!!

  14. I want to go to a blog conference so badly! Especially after seeing all of your great photos and who you got to meet! Glad it was a wonderful time!

  15. SO happy to hug you and I loved our dinner together. You are so sweet and cute, Greta and I am so glad we are friends. xoxo

  16. Ha! Great "Clueless" pull! I'd totally forgotten that it was Jeremy Sisto who sanf "Rollin' with the Homies" in the movie. RIP Brittany Murphy.

    Looks like fun, Greta! 🙂

  17. I NEVER once thought you were a nerd. I was beyond grateful and felt included when you texted me before meals and events. I was hoping you didn't think I was manic and too hyper and silly.
    I loved hanging out with you and am so damn glad we got a chance to see each other in person.

  18. Looks like you had a great time! I had a few friends go to Blissdom it seems like so much fun. I hope to go to a blogging conference sometime soon!

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