Every Day I’m Shoveling

He asks to play Minecraft even before he walks in the door, fresh off the bus. Tossing his coat aside (somewhere near the coat rack), he scans the room for my “big phone” with the pink case and gets lost in the world he’s made until I holler that it’s time for homework (or dinner, or bed).

If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, it’s a game that has, apparently, been around forever. The graphics are kind of….Lego-ish and not exactly impressive. I think you build stuff and dig stuff and blow stuff up? Or something. And there’s zombies and “Creepers”. Or maybe those are the same thing. Clear as mud? Good.

He’ll talk the ears off of anyone that’ll listen, about “wouldn’t it be cool if there was a…” and “today, in Minecraft…”. Sometimes, at dinner, I have to remind him that he needs to continue taking bites before he starts another 5 minute speech in his not-so-inside voice, about his newest obsession. Sometimes, on trips, I have to remind him about how much trouble he’ll get into if he asks one more relative with a cell phone to download the (not-free) game.

His littlest sister likes to play, too, more than our oldest girl. And wouldn’t you know that a three and a half year old doll face talking about “are you in Survival?” is just about the cutest thing you’ve ever heard. And no. I don’t know what she’s talking about. Still. Can you blame me for switching my brain off when the stories of digging and building and creepers and zombies begin?

The two of them snuggle up together on the couch to watch each other play, which is, coincidentally, the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. It melts my cold, Minecraft-bored heart.

3yo: “Don’t essplode it, Henwy! Don’t ESSPLODE IT!”

7yo: “Blowing up TNT is AWESOME.”

3yo: “If you do that again, Henwy, I’m going to be SO MAD.”

See? So sweet. Ahem.


This post was in response to a prompt from Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop: Do you love it or hate it? An open letter to your child’s latest obsession.

The title comes from a Minecraft parody I saw on Facebook one day (but I can’t remember who shared it)

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23 thoughts on “Every Day I’m Shoveling

  1. That is so adorable that they're both so into it. My little nephews are quite into playing I found out at Christmas. I watched them play for awhile but for the life of me I can't see the appeal. I suppose that makes me old, doesn't it? Ah well.

  2. My oldest is into this too. I haven't the slightest idea what goes on in the game. I think I'm better off not knowing. He did, however, feel the need to share the "Minecraft Style" parody of Gangnam Style with me the other day. I'm even more lost after watching that video!

    • Yeah, my husband introduced that to the kids, too. They think it's hilarious (of course). I'm slowly picking things up from the enormous amount of information they give me, but still…not enough to actually play it.

  3. I know allllllll about MineCraft. My nephew is into it and guess what I heard about each time I saw him during a visit to see him… Yup!! They get so hooked to things. Remember the days before they could read and we could control the tv and they didn't know the difference. I miss those days! We have not entered the MineCraftish world but there are certainly games my daughters play that it's like ugggg. And oh my the thought of them someday being in this space with us… Ill stop now. I'm rambling!

  4. Absolutely love this! The part about them on the couch is just too adorable for words. I remember spending HOURS on the Nintendo trying to conquer The Legend of Zelda.

  5. Thing Two is a HUGE Minecraft fan! Over the summer, I asked him to teach me how to build a world. We made it 5 minutes before my inability to function in the digital world became evident and he decided to "help" me. I haven't built a thing in my own world since. But in my Minecraft world, my boy created a library, an outdoor grilling kitchen and some sort of farm where we grow things that I like to eat.

    Wish I could share in it more, but he delights in creating it for me. (And I don't have the time…barely keeping the real world going!)

    • Yes! I've tried before and I "wasn't doing it right". And then my poor three year old will get stuck in a hole while her brother is at school and I try for a few minutes to help her before giving up.

  6. I have a Minecraft obsessed 8-year-old boy. I know of what you speak! When he starts talking about Minecraft stuff, I immediately go into "Uh-huh" and "Mm-Hmm" and "That's neat" mode. Heh.

  7. My three oldest kids (10, 8, and 6) all LOVE it. And they play and strategize together. I will say it's become a wonderful bartering tool around here. You wanna play Minecraft? Not until you cook dinner AND do the dishes 😉

  8. I thought I hated minecraft…that is until Pokemon took over my 8 year old's brain. He loves them both, and really I don't want to hear one more thing about it 😉

  9. I have no idea what Minecraft is but my kids love talking about zombies, vampires and other creatures. You wouldn't expect that kind of talk from a tutu wearing princess but in fact it's one of her obsessions.

  10. My boy LOVES Minecraft and like you I get regaled with stories about it and have to stop what I'm doing right now to see the latest creation he built! Also, he got the apps for free on my phone and his. We got Androids.

  11. Yup, I totally get this –>Sometimes, at dinner, I have to remind him that he needs to continue taking bites before he starts another 5 minute speech in his not-so-inside voice, about his newest obsession.

    Thanks for clearing up some of my minecraft confusion…google didn't really help.

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