2013: The Year of the Fun.

I’ve read a lot of bloggers who have chosen “words” or “themes” for the new year. I couldn’t really think of one until today, the last day of Christmas Break, when I took some pictures of the kids playing in the snow.


Fun is my theme for the new year. It’s in my name, and I’m going to embrace it. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily going to go play in the snow while I’m sick (ahem, today), but it does mean that I’m going to work on having more fun with my kids, having more fun with my friends, having more fun with my husband. Letting my kids have more fun (hello, loosening up!).

From summer bucket lists to impromptu play dates to cocktail lunches with the girls to more mini golf with my man, I’m having fun this year, dammit.

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41 thoughts on “2013: The Year of the Fun.

  1. These pictures so a TON of fun! And I love that this is your word for the year. Enjoy it and Happy New Year, sweet friend!

  2. I think that sounds like a perfect word for the year! Here's to having FUN. Also, stunning photos! I love the one with the snow flying around. My little guy is really enjoying throwing the snow this year.

  3. My sister got us a board game for Christmas and we have played it till we could not breathe we were laughing so hard at it. I will have to post videos of the games. But I agree we all need to have more fun.

  4. Love your pictures! So cute! I have to say snow is not my favorite thing,…but kids sure make it fun! 🙂 New follower!

  5. Hi Greta!! I clicked on your blog from the BlissDom FB page! 🙂 That is a good word for 2013! My word is "Relax"… my goal is just to loosen up and enjoy the moment a little more! Hope I can stick to it. lol.

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  7. Good word. Sometimes hard to follow through because of all the things a mom MUST do. But great challenege! I wanna do that one word thing too. Where do I get it?

  8. Many physical activities and individual sports are regarded as fun until the participant seeks to win a competition, at which point, much of the fun may disappear as the individual's focus tightens. Thanks.

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