Looking back on four years. #iPPP

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Thursday was our fourth wedding anniversary, and on Sunday, my parents took the kids so we could have the day to celebrate.

I thought it would be fun to recreate some of our first dates* and share the journey of our coupledom before marriage (it wasn’t very long).

Our first date was at the World Cup coffee shop in Topeka, KS. We met there after I got out of an MBA class. He didn’t ask me many questions about myself (I think he was nervous).

2012-11-04 13.32.43

He wasn’t so nervous this time. But he did make me say “please” before I could take his picture.

In the World Cup parking lot after that first date, we stood next to our respective cars, and he asked me where our second date would be. I decided there wasn’t a reason not to go out with him again and that he deserved a second chance to get to know me.

2012-11-04 13.23.42

Not long after that meeting in the coffee shop, we went miniature golfing. If you ask him, I bet he could tell you what I was wearing (and I know he has a picture somewhere from his phone).

2012-11-04 14.04.25

2012-11-04 14.09.18

I think last time, he may have let me win. He’s way past that now, though. This time, he totally beat me. But, I started to come back (after, you know, getting warmed up). I still lost by ten points, though.

2012-11-04 14.33.16

Here’s the official scorecard that you can’t really see. But he didn’t always pick up my ball for me like a gentleman, so I subjected him to another picture.

In that particular parking lot, we talked next to our cars until the manager came out and told us we needed to leave to he could lock the gate. I love that we shut the place down. Ha!

We also at lunch at a brewery (his choice). In those early days, we stuck to the chain restaurants mostly (Red Lobster was another first).

2012-11-04 12.22.40

2012-11-04 12.44.55

Java Porter. Or, as I like to call it, cold beer mixed with black coffee. I drank half of it.

And then, because I’m a movie-aholic, we went to see Flight. Nothing like a plane crash and movie-opening nakedness to put you in a romantic mood!

2012-11-04 15.37.15

Can you see us? We got there after the 20 minutes of previews had already started,

Our Fourth Anniversary Date, or Cram-As-Much-As-You-Can-Into-One-Afternoon-While-Reminiscing Day.

*All of the pictures in this post are current ones, taken on Sunday.

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15 thoughts on “Looking back on four years. #iPPP

  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Loved your outfit by the way! Ithanks for sharing your day with us.

  2. Oh I LOVE that you did this! It's so ROMANTIC!!

    Also? You're totally HAWT! 🙂

    Happy anniversary, girlfriend!

  3. What a great anniversary idea! I love trips down memory lane, revisiting old familiar places with new eyes of experience. You managed to pack a lot of remembering into one afternoon!

  4. Well you guys are just too darn cute! Also: BOOTS OVER JEANS! <3 my first date with Kelsey was to see white noise..remember that awful movie!? NOT romantic at all!

  5. Haha, he's such a good sport to pose for all the pics! Tell me more about this brewery!

  6. You guys are so super cute together! Mitchell would have NOT been a good sport for all those pics 🙂

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