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My oldest, Henry, is in first grade, while Ivy, 21 months his junior, is in kindergarten this year. They are so close in age and in school that Ivy sometimes doesn’t really understand why she can’t do some of the things that Henry does.

While Henry has a hard time staying interested in what he’s learning in school (or supposed to be doing), Ivy soaks it up and lives to please her teacher. She practices counting to 100 in the car, she asks us how to spell words that she wants to write.

We had Parent Teacher Conferences last night, and both kids, though they are completely opposite in the way that they see and handle school, got pretty glowing reviews. I mentioned to Ivy’s teacher that she had been sad the day before about not being able to read like her brother and we talked about how she IS reading, just particular words that they’ve learned, like MOM and POP.

Now, I’m in charge of the daily homework supervision and getting everything ready for school. But T. will get the notion, every once in a while, to teach them something big. He taught Henry to read, and Ivy to tie her shoes. He reminds me of my dad in that way. I clearly remember my dad teaching me to tie my shoes on a day off from kindergarten.

After the conferences, we got home and T. sat down with Ivy, encouraging her to sound out the words in a book she chose, and showing her that yes, she can read, and that with practice, she’ll be doing it all by herself.

She was so proud of herself and my heart was a big, sloppy puddle on the floor.

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29 thoughts on “Learning with Daddy. #iPPP

  1. I must be entering the pms stage because I am slobbery too! I haven't,yet, brought myself to read Farrahs post on her dogs:( Such cuteness and sweetness in your story!

  2. I love that even though he's gruff and sarcastic sometimes, he's a softy with the kiddos. 🙂

  3. This made me tear up! I have a little girl eager to be like her big brither, too! It's the sweetest thing. There is something about daddy and daughter time that is extra special too. What an awesome moment.

    • I know…it had me totally gushy. And I already see the younger daughter wanting to be just like her big sister, so I think it'll be happening all over again. I love when their daddy steps in and helps with something big.

  4. Those are such awesome moments!!! We have conferences this Friday and I'm curious as to how my little boss is doing in the classroom. There is a TON of personality packed into that one room; I don't envy her teacher at all.

    Such an awesome daddy daughter moment…love that you captured it with a snap!

    • It took a few snaps to capture it, but I'm glad I was able to! My daughter's class is very well-behaved compared to her big brother's. Speaking of lots of personality! Good luck at your conference!

  5. Awww. So sweet. It's hard sometimes to make the littler ones understand that yes, they can't do something right now but will in the future. My little one want to do everything her big siblings are doing… they are 5 and 8 years apart. It's hard to stop her sometimes!!!

  6. That is so awesome that she wants to read.

    Kids and books always makes me so happy.

    • I know, me too. I love that my son loves Legos, but there's something so special about him curling into a book on the way to school. And pretty soon, it will be both of them!

  7. *tears*

    The. Cutest. (Plus counting to a hundred for practice? I LIKE this girl.)

  8. Yay for reading. Especially naked reading. We have that in my house too. It's awesome.

    My daughter, also in Kindergarten, is trying to sound out words. It's interesting because I don't know how much of that they're doing in school. I think she gets it from her older brother. She definitely strives to achieve things. Whereas my son just seemed to assume he'd get it soon enough.

    • Ha! It's kind of a miracle that one girl had clothes one….usually nobody does. And I'm lucky that hubs still had his clothes on so I could take the picture!!

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