This weekend, we had a birthday party for the girls. We could have gone all Barbie like last year, or something equally girly and character-driven. But, I learned from the Hungry Caterpillar party that bright colors are so easy to coordinate and decorate with, so I convinced them a while ago that a rainbow party would be fun.

Here are some highlights:

Birthday Girl #1

Birthday Girl #2 and Grandma

Goofy big brother

Table for birthday girls only

It was, like, 400 degrees outside.

Two goofy cousins

New sunnies, and a Band-Aid on the chin (don't worry, she's fine)

So many presents!

Do you recognize the Monkey on the left?

Zinnias from the garden and rainbow candles

Pinata line!

Erv got in on the candy-grabbing action

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