Great Expectations: My Time As Mom

Jessica writes at My Time As Mom and One Martini At a Time (along with Carri Brown). She designed my brand new site here (which I LOVE, oh my goodness) under her business, VMI Social. She’s super cool in person, and always willing to answer my inane tech questions when my mom brain takes over (which, sorry Jess, is often).

She’s got two gorgeous girls in Reno. Her family recently decided to homeschool, and she’s here today to talk about it. Take it away, Jess!


Great Expectations As We Start This Journey

When we first discussed homeschooling, I saw it as something I wouldn’t be able to do.

But slowly, as we have talked about it more, my thoughts have changed.

I’ve opened my eyes to see that public school might not be our best option.

That maybe, just maybe, I can be a teacher.

So I started to envision our days together…

…lessons at the park

…the girls playing together, bonding

…traveling to learn more about the world through first hand experiences rather than text books

…spending more days in jeans than yoga pants.

I’m smart enough to know that it won’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time…

…the weather changes which makes going to the park out of the question on some days

….the girls don’t always get along, they fight and scream and yell (oh my!)

…owning a business makes travel difficult at times

…that yoga pants are extremely comfortable.

But we will get through the challenges and we will succeed at homeschooling.

Because I have great expectations for us on this journey.


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34 thoughts on “Great Expectations: My Time As Mom

  1. I know you and Hayley will do well together on this journey, good luck!

  2. Wishing you lots of luck on this journey. One that I have been thinking about myself… no decisions, yet. You'll do great. One day at a time, right?

  3. Good luck! My boy just started preschool this year and I love it, but when real school comes, we'll see. We're not in the best neighborhood in Baltimore, so public school doesn't sound like the best idea here. Also, my yoga pants are really comfortable.

  4. Oh are going to be amazing as a homeschooling mom. Honestly you are so good at everything I can’t imagine u not being successful at this. It won’t be perfect but it will be perfect for your family and your gorgeous daughter. YAY!!!

  5. I know that you are going to do marvelous at this job…and just like any job there will be obstacles but those will be blips.
    You're doing the right thing for all of you. I can't wait until you take us on this journey 🙂

  6. You will do great with this. I have faith in you. I also have faith that your martini supply will increase, but I know those 2 things can't be related. 😉

  7. I'll take those yoga pants if you're done with them…
    Just kidding.

    Enjoy it all, lady.

    We have so few years (in the grand scheme of things) with our children.
    The flexibility AND control you'll have over their education will be wonderful.

    And hard. But you know that already.

    Soak it up.

    Ready, set, go!

    • I'm never giving up my yoga pants. I'm really looking forward to the flexibility we will have with homeschooling. I've never been good at a set schedule.

  8. Best of luck to you Jessica! I'm sure you'll do great. It's something I've given a lot of thought to as well. My neighbor homeschools her kids and she and her girls love it!!!

  9. We just finished our very first year homeschooling, Jess…and it was great! My girls fight a LOT and homeschooling was the best way for me to see what leads to the fights and help them work through their differences properly. When the spent all day at school away from each other, they didn't get to practice their sweet words and tolerance NEARLY enough. You're gonna love it, challenges and all!

  10. Looking forward to reading all about it. And congrats again on taking control! You are a brave woman and I know your children will be so grateful for the choices you've made.

  11. Best of luck to both of you!! Something tells me you are going to rock this home schooling thing. 🙂

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