Jessica writes at My Time As Mom and One Martini At a Time (along with Carri Brown). She designed my brand new site here (which I LOVE, oh my goodness) under her business, VMI Social. She’s super cool in person, and always willing to answer my inane tech questions when my mom brain takes over (which, sorry Jess, is often).

She’s got two gorgeous girls in Reno. Her family recently decided to homeschool, and she’s here today to talk about it. Take it away, Jess!


Great Expectations As We Start This Journey

When we first discussed homeschooling, I saw it as something I wouldn’t be able to do.

But slowly, as we have talked about it more, my thoughts have changed.

I’ve opened my eyes to see that public school might not be our best option.

That maybe, just maybe, I can be a teacher.

So I started to envision our days together…

…lessons at the park

…the girls playing together, bonding

…traveling to learn more about the world through first hand experiences rather than text books

…spending more days in jeans than yoga pants.

I’m smart enough to know that it won’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time…

…the weather changes which makes going to the park out of the question on some days

….the girls don’t always get along, they fight and scream and yell (oh my!)

…owning a business makes travel difficult at times

…that yoga pants are extremely comfortable.

But we will get through the challenges and we will succeed at homeschooling.

Because I have great expectations for us on this journey.


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