I’m SO excited to begin a brand new adventure on my little space here in the blogosphere and share it with all of you!


  • The act or state of expecting: Anticipation
  • Something expected
  • The state of being expected


  • to anticipate or look forward to the coming or occurrence of
  • to look forward

Every Tuesday, I will be introducing new guest bloggers that are going to share some of the expectations that they’ve had, and the realities that they were hit with. Parenthood, getting older, whatever. It’s amazing how we can work things up in our heads before they happen…I thought that I was going to get an Earth Science degree and solve that pesky global warming problem. Or something. But it didn’t happen, and now I stay home with four kids. I wouldn’t change it, but it would have been cool to be an environmental hero.

Or something.

We expect things for ourselves, and others have their own expectations for us. Who we “should” be, how we “should” be. 

I’m super excited to introduce my very first “Great Expectations” guest: Jamie from Chosen Chaos. You might remember her from my list of favorite bloggers. She’s another mom of four, and just as sweet and real as you can get. She actually helped inspire me to begin a series on my blog as the host(ess) of If I Could Turn Back Time.

Without further ado, here’s Jamie’s take on Great Expectations:

Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow I will be better.  Tomorrow I will try harder.  Tomorrow I will be more patient.  Tomorrow I will not yell… at least before everyone is safe at school.  Tomorrow I will get up with my alarm so that I am awake and ready to greet the day and my children with a patient smile.  Tomorrow I will lovingly say good morning to Babe, instead of greet him with a question, a grumble, or a grumpy face.  Tomorrow I will exercise early.  Tomorrow I will eat better, drink more water, take my multi-vitamin.  Tomorrow I will shower, get dressed, dry my hair and put on mascara.  Tomorrow I will play on the floor, build the towers, read the stories, color the pictures, catch the ball, vroom the car.  Tomorrow I will keep my phone at bay, not at hip.  Tomorrow I will do two chores, not all of them but at least two.  Tomorrow I will fold that load of laundry AND put it away.  Tomorrow I will make sure my kids get outside for a few minutes for some fresh air.  Tomorrow I won’t fight about what they do or don’t eat.  Tomorrow I will enjoy our meals at the table as a family.  Tomorrow I won’t nag the boys about proper table behaviors.  Tomorrow I will point out the good, the positive choices they make – not just the bad and the negative.  Tomorrow I will talk more softly and with more respect.  Tomorrow I will make cleaning up a game, not a chore.  Tomorrow I will read the girls a book before they go to bed.  Tomorrow I will let the boys pick the books, and point out silly pictures, and ask questions.  Tomorrow I won’t rush them through the final quiet moments of the day.  Tomorrow I won’t seem irritated when asked to scratch a back or sing a song.  Tomorrow I will hug a little tighter, look deeper in their eyes, listen to their words, answer their questions, whisper I love you before they are asleep for the night.  Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow I will be better.  I know it will.

I told you she was real. Now do yourself a favor and follow Jamie on facebook and twitter.

Jamie, thank you SO SO much for kicking off Great Expectations with such an honest look at motherhood.

And a big “THANK YOU” to Erica at Free Fringes for making my fabulous button!