I’m linking up with this week’s 52 Weeks of Pinterest Challenge, and I’ve got another recipe. There were a couple of crafts I wanted to try, but I didn’t have what I needed so I’ll have to put those on hold.

One thing I love about Pinterest.com, though, is the sheer number of things. You can just look for a while and find something to do/create/lust over.

This week, I found a recipe for these cute little Pizza Cups (that’s my name for them, anyway).

The recipe calls for whole wheat something-or-other wraps, but I just used flour tortillas.

In case you hadn’t figured me out yet, I tend to look at a recipe like this once, and figure out an easy way to do it without all the ingredients. So…there were no Italian spices, or sugar, or whatever in this concoction.

 I ended up cutting about 5 circle “crusts” from each tortilla.

I found that tracing around the cup with a knife worked better than trying to wiggle and push the cup through the tortilla.
I sprayed the muffin tin, smooshed the tortilla circles in each muffin portal, filled them up and baked them at 425 degrees for 12 minutes or so.
I filled half of them with sauce, ground beef, and cheese.
The other half (for me and the kids mostly) was sauce and cheese.
Everybody ate these and liked them. They’re just fun little hand-held mini pizzas! What I loved about them was that it FELT like you were eating a lot of food when you popped a few in your mouth. But in reality, each little pizza cup was about 1/6 of a tortilla, a teaspoon of pizza sauce, and a pinch of cheese, plus whatever additional toppings you’ve chosen.
Just like the meatloaf cupcakes, these would lend themselves really well to customization. You could make a few beef, a few cheese, a few BBQ chicken, a few spinach alfredo, whatever. 
They’d also make great appetizers.
So, mine weren’t as pretty as the original picture, but they sure were yummy.
Now, who knows what to do with tortilla scraps??