We took a “spring” “warm weather” trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo this past weekend, and it was cold (about 30 degrees) but lots of fun. It only takes about three hours to get to Omaha; we left on Saturday morning and went straight to the zoo. My parents and all of my brothers and their wives and kids went, so all of the cousins got to enjoy it together.

Henry had his zoo map out at every corner, so we never got lost. He also “showed” us, with the zoo map, how to get to the hotel, and home.

Henry’s favorite part was the penguins, and they have a very cool penguin area…we may be visiting them online once in a while.

Ivy’s favorites, surprisingly, were the fish. She loved all of the aquariums!

Essie just hung out all day in the stroller, sleeping on and off. I don’t even think she cried once! There were lots of sights, sounds, colors, and people for her to focus on.

There was a butterfly habitat that was being built the last time we were there, two years ago, and the kids LOVED it. Of course, we went from outside, where it was 30 degrees, to inside, where it had to have been 85 or higher, but it was for the butterflies, so we shed our coats and only complained a little.

The desert dome was also very cool (but warm).

I could add a TON more photos, but I’ll refrain. Suffice it to say, we had a good time! Pictures from the hotel/water park coming soon…