the jewelry lady’s spawn

Henry has fully accepted my new job. I think it helped that he went with me to my SIL’s show last month. Now, if he’s awake when I’m getting ready to leave for a show, he asked if he can come but doesn’t get upset when I tell him “no”. He just yells goodbye as I walk out the door. And the very next time I see him, whether it’s later in the day or the next morning, the first thing he says to me is “Mama, did you fun at the jewelry party?”. It’s so sweet.

Ivy doesn’t get upset when I leave anymore, either. She has a different reaction to my job…every time I put on my jewelry to go to a show or just go out, she says “Ooooh, pitty neckace!” Last weekend, she said that to me and immediately went in search of her own necklace to put on. I think I may have a future jewelry lady on my hands…

Essie…well, Essie sucks on my necklaces and smiles a huge smile when I get home.

On a side note, Tyson said that my last post was a little passive-aggressive. I certainly didn’t mean for it to be. I’ve been a little emotional lately, so you’ll have to excuse me. I did appreciate the comments, ladies!!

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